About Get Involved Now

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the personal and emotional needs of pediatric, high-risk pregnancy, and leukemia and lymphoma patients and their families during life-defining healthcare moments.

Our Methods

To fulfill our mission, Get Involved Now has 3 core activities:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Community events
  3. Grant Program


Get Involved Now funds its activities primarily through its "Big Hearts for Little Hearts" annual fundraiser. Big Hearts for Little Hearts generates funds through sales of event tickets, donated auction items and raffle tickets for donated items. This special event raised approximately $31,000 in 2014.

Community events

Get Involved Now members organize bimonthly volunteer opportunities for GetWellNetwork employees with a special focus on pediatric, high-risk pregnancy, and leukemia and lymphoma.

Grant Program

The Get Involved Now grant program has grown consistently since our inception. In 2011, we awarded 15 grants. In 2012, we awarded 23 grants. And in 2013, we awarded 37 grants for a total of $7,473!

Two types of grants are reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis throughout the year:

GetWellNetwork employees are eligible to apply for a Get Involved Now grant, and hospitals may apply for a Get Well Soon grant. Grant recipients are selected by the GIN committee, which is made up of individuals appointed by the organization's president.

The GIN committee meets regularly to review grant applications. Qualified proposals that align with the Get Involved Now mission of supporting patients and their families will likely be approved for a grant. Grants are currently awarded in the amount of up to $250 each.

Contact your IPC Manager if you're interested in applying for a grant at your facility. Completed grant proposals or questions can be sent to info@getinvolvednow.org.

Our Background

Get Involved Now, Inc. ("GIN") is a Maryland 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Until its incorporation on August 6, 2012, Get Involved Now was the community service committee of GetWellNetwork, Inc., a for-profit provider of Interactive Patient Care™ (IPC) solutions that help health care providers educate and engage patients in their care. The community service committee was established in 2009 as an internal initiative to promote the mental well-being and physical comfort of patients and families during major in-hospital health care episodes. The program relies on volunteer support from GetWellNetwork employees and its client community to organize and administer fundraising programs, and continues to expand its work and scope.

How can you get involved?